Organic Chlorella Tablets

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Going for Organic Chlorella Tablets

We sell it in two sizes 200g and 500g pots.

When you want to get a natural energy boost and set your body into the fat burning mode, it's fairly difficult to find the right product. Still, organic Chlorella seems to be gaining a lot of popularity nowadays - maybe because it's natural, and at the same time, more effective than your average cup of coffee.

It might not seem too exciting for us to eat algae - but it has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to get the nutrients you need. Most nutritional supplements are made from algae - with chlorella standing somewhere at the top of the food chain.

What Is Organic Chlorella?

To make things short, chlorella is a freshwater green alga that has the ability to harness energy from sunlight - therefore fuelling its growth. When you take organic Chlorella tablets, your body will have a higher ability to absorb its nutrients - mainly because of the tablet-turning process, as well as its high concentration. 

Chlorella is very healthy and, at the same time, it is easily available. Since it has the ability to reproduce around 8 times per day, the alga is very sustainable – and, in other words, very affordable to purchase.

    Chlorella has evolved over thousands of years, and the tablets that we offer were made from organic plants, grown with no pesticides. This way, you can absorb an all-natural product that will provide you with the right nutrients throughout the day.