Fermented Chlorella Tablets - 100g

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About Fermented Chlorella Tablets - 100g

  • CLEAN FERMENTED CHLORELLA TABLETS – packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, these highly nutritious Chlorella tablets are made in the Netherlands in a controlled, hygienic environment and feature multiple health benefits – the perfect supplement to promote your healthy lifestyle  



  • CHLORELLA PRODUCTS MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS – our Dutch grown, fermented Chlorella tablets contain the world's cleanest Chlorella. Produced in an indoor, controlled environment, these Sorokiniana Chlorella supplements are not exposed to pollution and have a specific, scientifically proven cultivation process, resulting in premium quality Chlorella tablets


100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Here at This Health we are highly confident in the superior quality of our Europe grown, clean, fermented Chlorella tablets. If you have any issues with your purchase, please contact us directly, within 30 days, so that we can resolve the issue quickly for you