Marine Phytoplankton Vegetarian Capsules x 60

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Marine phytoplankton is the one superfood that everybody should consume every day. 

Marine capsules 60 capsules pack.

manypeople are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids. This is a rather big deal because these healthy fats affect many parts of our biochemistry. In short, they are essential to optimal body & brain health.
Phytoplankton is packed with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) and much more! It is the base of the food chain and therefore contains an impressive array of nutrients including protein, chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, pigments, enzymes and trace elements.
Phytoplankton is an important food source for many marine animals and thanks to recent photobioreactor technology now available for humans. Phytoplankton provides fish with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA. With this new technology, we can now skip one step in the food chain and we are no longer strictly dependent on fish or fish oil. This is good news for vegetarians or vegans, but also ensures a product free of contamination with a high bio-availability.

Of the 40,000+ species of phytoplankton, there are only a few fits for human consumption. Years of research by microbiologists and nutritionists have shown that one specific species distinguishes itself on the basis of its nutritional profile: Nannochloropsis Gaditana. This is the kind that is now grown in technologically advanced photo-bioreactors. Using natural sunlight and photosynthesis, the phytoplankton can grow freely without competition from other algae into the biomass that is eventually harvested and dried.


Marine Phytoplankton expensive?

Up to now, most available phytoplankton was grown in tubular photo-bioreactors which are expensive and can only yield small volumes. Subsequently, consumer prices were sky high. Those days are over! Our phytoplankton is grown in the more traditional ‘open pond’ system yet in a greenhouse environment. So technically the greenhouse itself becomes the photobioreactor where all growing parameters can be completely controlled, resulting in high-quality algae for a greatly reduced price.

Now coming from a completely clean and sustainable source that will indeed revolutionise the future of nutrition.


Note: My contain traces of fish, molluscs or crustaceans.