Chlorella Tablets

Improve the way you look and feel by adding Chlorella tablets to your diet

Are you a self-confessed health nut? Maybe you’re always looking to add new supplements or vitamins to your diet? Perhaps you’ve heard of Chlorella but don’t know enough about it? If so, the team here at This Health is here to help you.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a single-celled green freshwater algae and is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for those who want to feel healthy and energised. Available in multiple forms, it’s easy to take and can be added to almost any diet with little to no complications.

Choosing us to be your number one supplier of Chlorella

Here at This Health we want to cater to everyone, which is why we supply Yaeyama Chlorella and organic Chlorella. Yaeyama originates from Ishigaki island and is grown in clean water, accompanied by the sun and fresh air, allowing it to grown naturally in its rich surroundings. The organic Chlorella is grown on a small island in the south China sea in freshwater ponds, which is filled with water extracted from deep below.

Range of Chlorella products

On our website you will find a range of Chlorella products, all of which are reasonably priced and affordable. For those who are on the go, we recommend the tablets which can be purchased either as a one off or subscription. If you’d like to add something extra to your morning shake, why not try our powder? Simply add to your favourite shake and go on with your day.

If, however, you want to make the most out of this fantastic product, we recommend the Chlorella soap. With this fantastic product, you can feel reenergised when having your morning shower and be ready to start your day on the right foot.

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